The Wichita District Dental Society is committed to the improvement of public dental health, maintaining the highest standards of ethics among its members, and affirming and advancing the standard of the art and science of dentistry.

The Wichita District Dental Society is a component of the Kansas Dental Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Association.

In 1909, Dr. and Mrs. C.G. Adams invited a group of Wichita dentists to their home for dinner. From this small beginning, the Wichita District Dental Society has grown to a membership of almost 220 dentists.

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How do I file a complaint about a dentist in Kansas?
Even in the best dentist-patient relationship, a problem may occur. First, discuss any concerns you have with your dentist. Many times this will help clear up the matter. If you are still not pleased, the Kansas Dental Association (KDA) has an established dispute resolution system called Peer Review to help resolve the occasional disagreement about dental treatment.

What is Peer Review?
In its simplest terms, Peer Review is a voluntary mechanism by which the Kansas Dental Association's Peer Review Committees review matters concerning, but not limited to: the reasonableness of fees, quality of care, utilization of services and appropriateness of treatment.
Find more information and the peer review application here.

Additional Dental Information
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