The Wichita District Dental Society is committed to the improvement of public dental health, maintaining the highest standards of ethics among its members, and affirming and advancing the standard of the art and science of dentistry.

The Wichita District Dental Society is a component of the Kansas Dental Association which is a constituent of the American Dental Association.

In 1909, Dr. and Mrs. C.G. Adams invited a group of Wichita dentists to their home for dinner. From this small beginning, the Wichita District Dental Society has grown to a membership of almost 220 dentists.

P.O. Box 9530
Wichita, KS 67277



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P.O. Box 9530
Wichita, KS 67277
(316) 721-6000

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Miscellaneous Information

The Wichita District Dental Society is a 220+ member organization representing the dental profession in the Wichita area.

Proudly Serving the Wichita Area including Sedgwick and Kingman Counties.

Programs and services offered by the Wichita District to the public and the dental profession it serves include:

  • Dental health education projects and activities
  • Continuing dental education programs
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Membership recognition programs
  • Involvement in and support of other community organizations
  • Placement service for positions in dental offices
  • Grievance mediation and peer review

Our Current Board of Directors and Delegates

Executive Officers:

Director: Jason Watkins

President: Marq Sams

President Elect: Rob Dakin

Vice President: Adam Lukens

Secretary/Treasurer: Suman Gorantla

Board of Directors:


Ken Dillehay

Steven Baxter

John Roberts

Sheri Love


Grant Snider

Lynn Cramer

Wendy Reynolds

Norma Moore


James Volker

Dean Elledge

Andre Thibault

Charley Twietmeyer

Antoine Wakim                                           

Delegates to KDA:

Adam Lukens

Ted Mason

Maya Nunley

Eric Farmer

JK Dillehay

Bud Cole

Alternates to KDA:

Jonas Lichty

Joe Chang

John Torres

John Roberts

Sara Meng

Ken Dillehay